Co-Signer Guaranty

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As Co-Signer(s), I will be acting as surety for the above named person's rental agreement with Castle Rock, L.C. or West Field Place, L.C.  I will be responsible for any changes, damages and for payment for the entire lease agreement, and any successive renewal lease that occur, including transfer leases.
I understand that the lease agreement, in which the above named is entered into, is held in SEVERALTY. This means that each person on the lease is responsible for the entire lease as well as the entire amount of rent due on the first of each month and late fees that may occur. If an agreement exists between individuals on the lease, as to the amount each person pays, this agreement is personal and not one the management has made with individual tenants. If any one person on the lease does not pay or defaults, all of the remaining tenants are still responsible for seeing that the prompt and complete payment of all rent due under the foregoing lease. I understand that I may be contacted for payment if the entire amount of rent is not paid as agreed on the lease. Therefore, I am giving consent to have a credit report made of my credit history.
In order to process your credit history, we MUST have your Social Security Number and Date of Birth. Please be advised that all information given will be held confidentially.

By clicking I Agree, I certify that the above information, to the best of my knowledge, is true and correct. I am giving my consent to have a credit report made of my credit history and verification of my employment and income. *

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The execution of this document is a material inducement for Landlord to enter into a lease contract, and Landlord is fully relying upon the due and valid execution by the person whose names are shown above. Landlord reserves all recourse, civil or criminal, in the event of a false or forged execution hereof. Further, this agreement shall remain in effect for the entire term of the lease contrct and any renewal or transfer contracts.
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A copy of the notarized form must be sent to via fax or mailed:
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Phone: 785-840-0775