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Application for Occupancy

Please note the application process does not officially reserve a unit for you. Once you are approved, a signed lease and security deposit will reserve a unit. Please do not apply if you have not had contact with a member of our staff regarding the availability of our units to prevent any confusion.

Property Information:

At which Property/Complex are you applying? *
Which plan? *
How did you hear about us?
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Applicant Information:

Roommate(s) name:
Roommate's Phone:
Will your children live at the property which you are applying?

Residential Information:

Include information for the last 3 years.
List any additional addresses within the last 3 years:

Employment and Income Information:

Source of Income
Monthly Income $

Additional Information:

Have you ever willingly refused to pay rent?
Have you ever been evicted?
Have you ever been arrested or convicted of a crime?
Do you have a pet? *
type (cat, dog)?
breed (if known)
Is it on your current lease?
Roommate Information History: - If you were on lease with other individual(s)

Failure to provide complete information, including daytime phone numbers for you and your references, will delay processing. Incomplete applications will not be processed.
Applications will not be processed until the application is paid in full.
This application must be signed by all adults who will occupy the apartment before it can be considered by the Landlord. Acceptance of this application, and any monies deposited herewith, is not binding upon Landlord until notified by Landlord. If approved, a security deposit is required to reserve a unit for the applicant.

A non-refundable screening fee will be collected at this time to process this application. *
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Credit/debit card information will be collected on the next page.
By clicking I agree, Applicant(s) recognizes that an investigative report will be prepared whereby information is obtained from credit bureaus, landlords and employers, through interviews and public records. This inquiry includes informtaion as to your character, general reputation, credit, employment and mode of living. This application may be disapproved as a result of any misrepresentation or insufficient information as a result of an incomplete application. *

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